Postgraduate Courses: how much they cost

Postgraduate courses: what are the best and how much do they cost

Courses: The supply of teachers is increasing. To facilitate the choice, we review some proposals, where do I register? Which is the best center or university to study the postgraduate that interests me? The offer expands and diversifies, so it is better to sit down and analyze the alternatives. Here is a selection.


If you want to become a creator of 3D characters and work in animation studios, you are interested in U-tad’s Graduate in Rigging and Character FX (6,500 euros). Those who prefer to work the skills of the computer design profile can opt for videogame programming specialist from the University of the Basque Country (UPV) (2,703 euros).

A field with good prospects is the virtual reality, since the experts calculate that in 2018 about 170 million people will use it. U-tad has the Master’s Degree in Development for Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed (10,860 euros).


The interest in communicating and learning languages ​​does not falter. We highlight two postgraduate courses at the UPV: own master in Chinese Studies (2,400 euros) and Experimental Theory Linguistics (1,750 euros).

To analyze the electoral behavior is the Master in Communication and Political Marketing of the UNIR (6,200 euros), or, if you want to be up to date, you can enroll in the Post-Digital Communication of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and Hill + Knowlton (4,000 euros).

Experts in international relations who want to promote quality education and develop cooperation between countries have the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Parliamentary Procedures and Legislative Technique, conducted with Lluis Guido Carli, UCM and University of London (3.159 euros), and the of Francophone International Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) (3.159).

From access to the law we chose the Garrigues Center and the IEB with Fordham University of New York. What’s more, there are postgraduates of legal research in the UAM (3.159 euros) or experts in techniques of litigation in trials of the UNIR (2,300 euros).

Art and sport

As reality always surpasses fiction, the TAI University Center for Arts provides students with the technical and artistic skills necessary to develop their creative skills through writing, photography, directing, producing and editing their own films and audiovisual works with different masters in these disciplines.

With emphasis on music, two new postgraduate courses stand out: the UNIR Music Therapy Officer, aimed at those who wish to deepen their benefits in the health and education fields (6,480 euros), and the Musical Theater TAI (7,920 euros). In fashion stands out the Master of Fashion Design of IED Madrid

Sports lovers can choose from a master’s degree in sports marketing (9,100 euros) or a field management (9,100) in IMF Business School. And in tourism it excels the intensive postgraduate or executive of international hotel management of Les Roches Marbella (14,590 and 16,750 euros).


Brussels estimates that drones will account for 1% of European aviation in 10 years. In order to train in its management, two postgraduate courses stand out: Pilots of Professional Drones in U-tad (7,900 euros) and UPV, which includes aerial audiovisual recording (1,800).

The privatization of airports, the proliferation of handling companies and airlines reflects the strength of this sector. For senior managers is the Executive Postgraduate in Management and Airport and Aeronautical Management of ITAerea Aeronautical Business School (7,000 euros). And if it is a sea lion, you can enroll in the Masters in Inspection of Ships, New Constructions and Services Vessels, from Rey Juan Carlos University with Bureau Veritas Business School (9,000).

 ‘Big date’

Words that are repeated as a mantra today are big data and data analysis. The decision of which postgraduate to choose will require careful consideration because the prices – from 7,800 euros in IMF Business School to 34,200 in the Pontificia de Comillas – and the duration are diverse: from 10 months in Esade to 2.5 years in Comillas.

Entrepreneurship and innovation also have titles at EAE Business School (12,900 euros), with option to stay at Pace University (New York) or at Deusto Business School (9,900 euros).

For engineers there are other options, such as postgraduate courses in the Internet of UCM, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology of the Autonomous University of Madrid (3.159 euros) or Web Technologies, Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications of the Universitat de València (2,722 euros ).

E Health

It is an area with a wide range of postgraduate courses, such as digital transformation in the health and pharmaceutical field of IMF with the consultancy EY, the digital health of the European University or Translational Medicine or Periodontics in the UCM.


In MBAs, it is the square of the circle, one who gives more, how the plan is enriched and with what new university an agreement has been reached. MBA for Executives of Esade, in collaboration with Aalto Executive Education in Singapore, Barcelona, ​​Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh City, with a special focus on Europe-Asia relations (59,900 euros). IEB’s Master in International Finance includes international student stays at The Wharton School, LSE and The Chinese University. ESIC’s Global MBA (Europe + Asia + America) is carried out in collaboration with the International University of Shanghai (SISU) and the Florida Chapman Business (FIU) International Studies (48,208 euros) and the EAE Business Exchange and Financial Programs School with the University of Quebec and stay in Canada (12,900 euros). Without breaking the borders is the one of IMF Business School or those that organize the Chambers of Madrid and of Valencia with Valley Digital Business School.

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