Luxury Hotels Betting On New Technologies

Choose one of the hotels with more technology

The most sophisticated hotel establishments of the time have been forced to adapt to the technological current. Nowadays the tourist or the business traveler not only looks for good hotels of the highest category, that is perfectly located and communicated, but goes much further. Having a good Wi-Fi connection and other technological details is essential for many travelers.

These new requirements have meant that many luxury hotels are beginning to introduce new technologies among their most characteristic services. In fact, some of these hotels have state-of-the-art technology and home automation for the guest to have a comfortable stay.

4 super-tech hotels

1. Baccarat Hotel, New York

The hotel of the French firm Baccarat, located in New York, is one of the most technological in the city. It has five well-received stars and advocates a French style decoration that does not escape the looks of curious and art lovers. The Baccarat crystals are the hallmark of this hotel establishment, which, in addition, offers the guest all the amenities in terms of technology.

Upon reaching the room, the tourist will have at his disposal a smart mobile phone that will allow him to control remotely much of the space services. For example, you can turn on the television or control the temperature and lights. In addition, this terminal is perfect to contact the room service or the hotel staff.

2. Hotel Éclat in Beijing

This boutique hotel advocates maximum luxury in its themed rooms. Each of the rooms of the establishment is designed from a different theme, among which are the most emblematic films and novels of history or some cities in the world that deserve their own decoration.

It is full of works of art, which denote the luxury and the experience that is going to live in its interior. In addition, they have works by Dalí himself. Each room offers state-of-the-art technology, such as massage chairs, 3-dimensional television, smartphone, iPod or IPad, etc. A curiosity is that the customer can relax in the bathroom while watching a movie, as they include a television in this space.

3. Ecclestones Square in London

The British capital is famous for its luxury hotels. But if what you are looking for is a real technological environment, this hotel is your priority. The rooms include an iPad through which it is possible to control, through domótica, all the services. The guest will have at his disposal a smart mobile phone, which offers the possibility of receiving and making calls without cost in some European countries and in the United Kingdom.

Ecclestones Square Hotel is located in one of the most luxurious shopping areas of London, specifically in the Belgravia district, where the wealthy tourist can enjoy all kinds of services.

4. Altapura in Val Thorens, in the French Alps

This luxury hotel is located in the French Alps. Winter sports enthusiasts have the best services to enjoy their adventures in the snow. Each room has its own iMac, which allows guests to watch movies or listen to music, which can be found in a large library offered by the establishment. In addition, this device allows the customer to contact with any of the services of the hotel.  For more information you can visit our website

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