Esade breaks records: 40% of women

The ESADE Executive breaks records

Four out of ten students of the ESADE Executive MBA edition who have just started classes in the monthly mode in English are women. This percentage exceeds by ten points the average female participation in this category of programs worldwide, according to the Executive MBA Council Survey of 2017 (30.1%) and places ESADE among the eleven business schools that, according to the latest ranking of the Financial Times, they surpass 35% of students in their EMBA classrooms.

The participants of this new edition of ESADE’s EMBA, 40 in total, come from 25 countries on five continents, speak an average of four languages ‚Äč‚Äčeach and are expatriates. The majority has completed a career related to economics or business (55%) or engineering (13%), and the rest comes from Law or Humanities (13%) and Science (5%). By sectors, ESADE’s EMBA highlights the presence of students working in the fields of energy, finance and insurance, technology and telecommunications, consulting, aeronautics, healthcare and the public sector. As regards the functional areas in which they carry out their activity, marketing, sales, operations, general management and finance stand out.

The participants have an average of ten years of professional experience and they devote part-time to the program, which is taught in English, for 16 months, at the Madrid and Barcelona campuses.

ESADE and its commitment to female talent

The high proportion of female participation in the EMBA (40%) and in the other ESADE programs (43%) is a consequence of the institution’s commitment, since its inception, to gender balance and female leadership. It was the first Spanish business school to join the #HeForShe platform of the United Nations Organization and, since 2013, is an academic partner of the Promociona project for women in senior management, an initiative promoted and developed by the Institute for Women and for Equal Opportunities and the CEOE, for which about 400 professionals have already passed.

In addition, ESADE regularly conducts research such as the ESADE Gender Monitor or Women with Impact, and in the last year it has supported numerous projects, such as the publication of the book 37 souls in one, a collective essay elaborated from the accounts of forty women managers, which explains how personal and professional experience contributes to female leadership. These and many other initiatives, such as The MBA Women in Business Club, have earned her the first EJE & CON Award for ‘Genderless Talent’, an award she has shared with the scientist Margarita Salas, the companies PwC and Atrevia, and the magazine Human Capital . In addition, Eugenia Bieto, the Director General of ESADE, is the first woman to become president of the CEMS Global Alliance and one of the few women managers among the main business schools of the world. For more information you can visit our website

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