Cross Helmet is not science fiction

It is a futuristic helmet capable of saving lives

That a helmet is designed to save lives is obvious. But it is just as obvious that the vast majority of helmets save lives or prevent injuries once the accident has occurred, protecting our head from impacts. Up to here all clear, but … Can you imagine that there was a helmet that prevents accidents? Well, you can stop imagining it because it is already here (or on the way).

every time there are more technological projects designed to protect us on roads and that is one of the main objectives of the creators of the CrossHelmet, an intelligent helmet that provides the rider with an extra information in real time so that he can make his driving much safer. In this way, this helmet worthy of any futuristic film goes from being an element of pure passive safety to being one of the best active safety tools that a biker can have.

Direct and visual information in real time that prevents accidents

One of the main strengths in terms of security refers to this smart helmet is the ability to have a direct view in real time of what happens behind our backs thanks to its 360º vision. Its design makes it possible to see directly 190º frontally to what must be added the rear view.

Having the perspective of everything that happens behind you without having to turn your head is a wild card with immense value when it comes to safe driving. Thanks to its camera installed in the area of ​​the neck, the dead corners of the rear view mirrors and visibility problems when changing lanes are over.

So that we can take advantage of this extra vision, the CrossHelmet incorporates a small display with head-up technology that does not interfere in the field of direct frontal vision. As if it were the HUD of an airplane, we can see reflected on this screen both the image of the rear camera and information of our route, either the GPS or the weather that awaits us.

In this way we can know in advance if the traffic is stopped a few meters ahead of us or if it is going to touch us to put on the raincoat before reaching the storm. These security systems are completed with two LED strips to the Tron located on both sides of the helmet to maximize the visibility of the user compared to other drivers.

But that is not all the usefulness of the advanced design of the CrossHelmet. In Borderless, the developer of this element of futuristic protection, decided to incorporate a sound control system that allows us to reduce or increase our perception of the sounds that are perceived. We can regulate from the noise of the engine that reaches our ears to urban noise. With this, it is possible to reduce the fatigue that in many occasions these external stimuli cause us to drive.

In addition, thanks to its bluetooth connection and its mobile app, we can listen to our favorite music or have conversations with whoever we want. All this is controlled thanks to the tactile zone that it has in one of its sides and that will allow us to make use of its utilities just by running a finger through it.

If you do not want to miss any of the details of CrossHelmet, do not hesitate to go to the project website. There you can dive in all the information and you can also do your bit to get this helmet to the markets, as it is still looking for economic partners to make it come to fruition. For more information you can visit our website http://educacionytecnologia.tk

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