Barcelona, Capital ‘Millennials’


The young Millennials choose the Catalan Capital for the quality of life and the environment ‘start-up’

In recent years, Barcelona has become one of the favorite destinations of young professionals in the world, the so-called millennial generation, thanks to the balance between the quality of life and a start-up environment that offers good opportunities, especially in the technological field. According to a study by Nestpick Real Estate Aggregator, where thousands of young people seek accommodation for their professional adventure, Barcelona is the sixth city in the world preferred by the millennials to establish themselves. Amsterdam leads a ranking based on 16 criteria in four categories: eco-business system, essential, equality and leisure. They are followed by Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Antwerp. After Barcelona, ​​Lyon, Cologne, Paris and Vancouver.

“At Nestpick we have witnessed firsthand a clear migration pattern among millennials from around the world to specific cities,” they say from the company. “Data from the World Tourism Organization confirm that travelers of this generation choose these same cities as a leisure destination, confirming their clear attractiveness,” they comment on the results of the study.

Barcelona fails in traditional employment, but is a point that does not usually interest the millennials,

Barcelona stands out in the Netquest ranking for having a balanced score between most aspects of leisure and quality of life, as well as the tourist attraction and the entrepreneurial environment. It fails, however, in traditional employment. “But it is that to the millennials that type of employment does not interest to them; they do not want to establish or get a stable job, but to live an experience, “explains Gerard Costa, Esade’s professor, whose MBA also attracts millennials from half the world.

“The professional of this generation with good training first choose the city in which he is interested in living or settling for a season and then looking for work in that destination”, says Marc Monguió, president of, a job portal specialized in start- up. Jobfluent’s data support his argument: “40% of young people who opt for offers from Barcelona are foreigners”. Currently the portal has 900 open positions in companies of technological profile, the natural environment of much of this type of professionals. According to Monguió, Berlin is the European city with better environment start-up, followed by London. The Catalan capital is disputed the third position with Paris. “The biggest challenge in Barcelona is wages, which in the middle class of technological positions may be half that in other European capitals,” says Monguió.

In addition to attracting foreign talent, the phenomenon millennial has a side effect: companies with a technological profile seek to establish themselves in Barcelona for their ability to attract talent. In this way, multinationals such as Zurich, Nestlé or Volkswagen have opted for Barcelona to install new centers of digital innovation.

The US multinational HP, installed in Sant Cugat, in the vicinity of Barcelona, for 30 years, stopped manufacturing printers in 2000, but has converted its facilities into a large R & D campus with 1,800 workers. “We have about 150 open positions constantly,” explains Laura Santacreu, director of human resources. The company offers two-year contracts; then “80% stay here or in other destinations.” “Young professionals come to live a work experience, not to establish themselves, in this world mobility is basic,” he says.

“It is basic to preserve the balance, if it is only a destination of revelry, it will be lost”

“Barcelona is on the millennial map because it has achieved a balance between quality of life, tourism, international connections, employment opportunities for a technological profile and an affordable standard of living,” says Esade’s Gerard Costa. “It is basic to preserve that balance, if it becomes only a fate of revelry, we will lose it,” continues the analysis. Costa also values the legal facilities for foreigners, which has placed the Catalan capital in a reduced circuit of cities that attract young talent. For more information you can visit our website

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